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Differentials about our whistleblowing

According to that, this kind of service basically appears to prevent and control irregularities in the organizations, focusing on the good work atmosphere.

The service fulfills the requirements of the Law Sarbanes Oxley. Moreover, it is suitable according to the severe procedure of safety and confidentiality for all the people involved.
The denunciation channel improves all Internal Auditory tasks and reduces fraud expenses up to 60 percent (source: ACFE report 2011).


– Available denunciation channel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year;

– Simple report tools and data management available for clients and informers;

– Full time phone assistance, specialized in reception of different kinds of reports;

– Periodic mailing of statistical information about the reported denunciations;

– Guarantee on the confidentiality and anonymity of the informer;

– Use of standards in safety of information and auditing systems.