Privacy Policy


The channels offered by Resguarda, that is to say, the toll free line 0800-999-4636 in Argentina (see the report channels corresponding to your country), the Internet website identified under domain:, the e-mail address: (Spanish speaking countries) and (Portuguese speaking countries), personal interviews or letters sent to 25 de mayo 555 Floor 17th, City of Buenos Aires (C1002ABK) Argentina, constitute communication channels which object is to make it easier to receive, process and send a report, exchange information and/or answer questions about irregular situations that take place within the client companies of Resguarda.

Below, we detail the terms of the Privacy Policy that applies to these Communications channels. The introduction of personal information of the user through the aforementioned channels, and the Express acceptance of this Privacy Policy, constitute a necessary requirement to allow the users to be contacted by the clients of Resguarda, so the clients can initiate an investigation and issue their corresponding answer to the reports or denounces through Resguarda´s communication channels.

Users who decide to provide their personal information declare to know and accept the following:

(i) The addressees of the personal information are exclusively the clients of Resguarda, who may use them in order to carry out investigations and corresponding reports, elaborate general statistics, without disclosing the identity of the user, request further information or communicate with the user, all this without prejudice to the faculty of Resguarda to keep users personal information for statistic purposes.

Resguarda shall not be hold liable for the course its clients may give to the denounce presented by the user nor for the consequences that such course of the denouce may have for the user, the person object of the denounce or any other interested third party.

In this sense, the person filing the denounce expresses there is no legal relation between him/her and Resguarda, as Resguarda just informs its client about the denounce, provides the information, documentation and/or personal information the user may inform and/or provides through any of the channels offered by Resguarda.

(ii) Resguarda has registered at the National Registry of Data Bases its existing Data Bases and shall register all those other Data Bases that may be created in the future, and is part of this present Privacy Policy to treat personal information according to current regulations regarding Personal Information Protection valid in the Argentine Republic.

(iii) Personal information shall be added to the Data Base of Resguarda, and Resguarda, domiciled at 25 de mayo 555 17th Floor (C1002ABK) of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, will be responsible for such information.

(iv)The user guarantees and shall be liable for the veracity, accuracy, validity, authenticity and truthfulness of the personal information entered in the channels offered by Resguarda (see first paragraph), assuming the corresponding liability in case they result to be inexact. Resguarda does not assume any responsibility whatsoever in case of inaccuracy of any of the information entered by the user through the channels offered by Resguarda.

(v) The request of personal information about the users through the channels offered by Resguarda has the only purpose of getting their contact information so to send them information issued by the clients, which is not always generated by Resguarda. Resguarda shall not be liable for the information generated by third parties.

(vi) The user accepts and gives his/her free, express and informed consent to let his/her personal information to be used for the aforementioned purposes, and authorizes their treatment, storage, compilation or assignment. The assignment of personal information of the users will only be granted to the clients of Resguarda and will have only be granted in case the clients want to conduct investigations, extend the information provided in the denounces or need to contact the user to answer questions or make clarifications they may need necessary, and if the client duly answers the corresponding report or denounce through any of the aforementioned channels.

(vii) Regarding the assignment of personal information, Resguarda agrees to include in the agreements with the assignees of the personal information, that is to say, its clients, the obligation to respect the dispositions of the rules regarding personal information protection valid in Argentina, this present Privacy Policy as well as any other policy Resguarda must comply with related to privacy protection, security and confidentiality of information.

(viii) The user who enters his/her personal information may, at any time and exercising the rights conferred by the Personal Information Protection Act Nº 25.326, request: (i) to be informed about the contents of such information and; (ii) the corrections or deletions he/she may deem convenient. For this purpose, he/she must address to Resguarda, domiciled at 25 de mayo 555 17th Floor (C1002ABK) city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

(ix) Resguarda has adopted security measures to protect and secure the transmission, filing and storage of personal information provided by the users, according to their nature, in order to avoid adulterations or unauthorized treatments thereof.

(x) Resguarda has the right to modify and/or revise the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy at any time, notifying the users of such modifications in this present web site.

(xi) The fact that the user provides requested information implies the express acceptance of the terms defined in this present Privacy Policy.

(xii) Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the user accepts and gives his/her free, express and informed consent as with the terms of this present Privacy Policy, specially on all those aspects related to the assignment of personal information."The owner of the personal information has the faculty of exercising the right to access such information free of charge and with intervals no shorter than six months, unless a legitimate interest is proven as established in section 14, subsection 3 of Act 25.326."

"The NATIONAL DIRECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION, Control Entity as per Act 25.326, has the capacity to receive denounces and claims related to the unfulfillment of the regulations about the protection of personal information."