Comprehensive irregularity reporting service.

The most effective tool in the world for anonymous, confidential and secure fraud prevention and detection in all types of organizations.

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We developed effective monitoring tools and an incident management platform to quickly address anomalous situations taking place within the organization.

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  • Applying standards

  • Statistics

  • Confidential and Anonymous

Certified Company
ISO 27001 – Information Security

Management system of information security throughout the reception, management, communication and denounce management process.

Iso Resguarda

Fraud prevention, control and detection through Ethical Lines.



Reporting Channel – Ethical Line – Whistleblowing Channel

RESGUARDA offers all of its experience in a comprehensive irregularity reporting service, and an anonymous, confidential and secure reporting channel which is quick to implement and disseminate, appropriate for all types of organizations.

This channel will enable your employees, clients, and suppliers to report frauds and abnormal situations in the workplace or to provide feedback for the improvement of internal processes within the organization.


Software for Internal Reporting Channel

We market a system that helps you implement your own internal Ethical Line and access a system for the classification, management, referral, and reporting of irregularities within your organization. We will advise you every step of the way.


Compliance and Ethical Standards

We design simple and comprehensive solutions aimed at developing practical and streamlined -yet highly complex in terms of regulations- ethical schemes for your organization.

Our approach is to establish concrete results, including improved work and ethical environment, improved organizational effectiveness, and reduced tendency to fraud.

Our service includes:

  • Study and diagnosis of the existing ethical framework.
  • Development of a Code of Conduct/Ethics.
  • Design and teaching of training courses regarding conduct, behavior, transparency, and organizational integrity.
  • Design of an Action Plan for the implementation of ethical programs.

Workplace Fraud Control and Prevention

We offer effective and easy-to-apply models and schemes for organizations to be able to detect those risk areas which are most vulnerable and prone to irregularities, in order to quickly identify, prevent, and control the risk of fraud.

A practical and simple approach is the best alternative for controlling this risk which is increasingly pervading small, medium, and large corporations.

Our broad experience in the implementation and assessment of internal controls in organizations around the world has enabled us to design simple and effective models for the detection, prevention, and control of fraud through Reporting Channels or Ethical Lines.


Fraud Investigation and Legal Support

We offer advice and planning for legal or private investigations, as well as legal support for issues associated with the relationship between the organization and its employees, clients and suppliers, and the applicable regulatory framework in case of workplace irregularities and contingencies.