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Resguarda is a global company with commercial offices in Mexico City, São Paulo and Buenos Aires, and agents in Madrid and Barcelona.

We offer a broad range of services associated with ETHICAL LINES, compliance, and investigations for the detection and prevention of irregularities.

Fraud prevention, control and detection through Ethical Lines.


About us

Our company has been operating globally since 2001 with commercial offices in Mexico City, São Paulo and Buenos Aires. We offer a unique and high value-added service, built on over 15 years experience, for fraud detection and prevention.

Resguarda currently provides a broad range of high quality and high availability services to companies and organizations across Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States, reaching over two million users.

What we do

We offer confidential communication channels to all types of organizations, enabling their employees, clients, and suppliers to report abnormal situations in the workplace or to provide feedback for the improvement of internal processes.

In addition, we offer an irregularity reporting service for the public sector by means of the implementation of channels at local, state, and national level.

Our main services are:

  • Irregularity Reporting Line - Ethical Line.
  • Legal support for investigations and contingencies.
  • Internal control schemes.
  • Development of compliance programs and ethical standards.

Our practical, simple, streamlined, and result-oriented approach offers high operational value.