Get practical and easy-to-apply analysis schemes to detect areas at risk and with a greater tendency to commit irregularities.

Integral prevention service through the development of corporate policies, conduct manuals, training, and awareness, as well as monitoring and irregularity reporting systems to protect organizations from fraud and corruption.


We design schemes and models of simple and effective application that allow organizations to detect the most vulnerable risk areas and with greater probability to commit irregularities in order to quickly identify, prevent, and control the risk of fraud.

Our extensive experience in the implementation and evaluation of internal controls in organizations around the world has allowed us to design simple and effective models for the detection, prevention, and control of fraud through Whistleblower Channels or Ethics Lines.




A practical and simple approach is the best alternative to control risks that tends to gain ground in small, medium, and large corporations.

 ISO 27001 Certification


Information Security Management System throughout the process of receiving, communicating and managing complaints.





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