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Cookies Policy

During your visit to the Resguarda Web, the company may collect personal data using cookies. 

A cookie is a small text file that a server can place on the hard drive of the computer in the browser, tablet, cell phone or, ultimately, in the device you use to surf  Internet and contains information about the user’s visit to the Web, your browsing preferences, the information that most interests you, language, etc. 

The user can configure the cookies and decide whether to reject the installation of cookies or accept them. If you have continued browsing, it is understood that you accept the installation of cookies, as you are informed in the first layer panel. From Resguarda we recommend that cookies are not rejected because they do not invade the privacy of users and because they provide relevant information to continue offering quality content. 

Depending on their nature, cookies can be classified as:

  1. Session Cookies and Permanent Cookies: the first ones are deleted when the browser is closed, while the second ones remain on the computer equipment. 
  2. Own Cookies and Third-party Cookies: depending on whether they belong to the the website owner or to a third party. 
  3. Cookies can be used to collect specific information during your visit to the Web. The purpose of the use of Cookies is to improve navigation and its functionality conditions, as this information can help Resguarda to ensure that the Web and services are adjusted as much as possible to the needs and preferences of the users.
  4. Third-party cookies: in this case there is the possibility that Resguarda installs third-party cookies (WordPress, Google Analytics, among others) to provide information that we consider of interest throughout the navigation. Usually, the use of third-party cookies will refer to analytical cookies that provide Resguarda with anonymous information regarding the number of accesses to the website, time that the user is on the website, as well as other statistical data. In addition, for the proper functioning of videos and interaction with social networks, it is necessary to implement certain cookies that will be used by third parties for these purposes. 
  5. Cookies necessary for navigation: The installation of this type of cookies is necessary for navigation, as well as for Resguarda to have information that is legally required, such as that the data holder has accepted the privacy policy.

You can set your Internet browser to notify you each time a new cookie is stored on your computer so that you can decide whether to accept or reject it. You should not forget that some parts of the Web may not function properly if you reject cookies. 

To allow, know, block, or delete cookies installed on your computer, you can do it by setting your browser options installed on it. 

When accessing the Resguarda Website, certain information about the use of this technology will be offered through the device or terminal equipment used, and we will request you to give us your consent to do so. 

You should consider that some cookies may be necessary for the operation of the Website and, if you deny this consent, access to the Website may be prevented or may not function properly. 

In addition, through the system or settings panel, you can choose to accept or reject all cookies or even to do so on a granular basis and manage preferences. 

At any time, you can withdraw your consent to the use of this technology and find information on how to do so in case you use as a browser:

  • Safari: With Safari open, click on Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies and website data and choose the desired option. 
  • Safari for iOS: In Safari, tap on Settings > Privacy and security > Block all cookies.
  • Google Chrome: With Google Chrome open, tap on the Chrome menu icon > Settings > Show advanced options > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies and configure it, according to your preferences. 
  • Google Chrome for Android and iOS: With Google Chrome open, tap on the Chrome menu icon > Settings > Show advanced options > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies and configure it, according to your preferences. 
  • Internet Explorer: Click on the Internet Explorer icon in the taskbar > Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and customize the cookie settings according to preferences. 
  • Internet Explorer Mobile: With Internet Explorer Mobile open, click More > Settings and customize the cookie settings according to your preferences. 
  • Microsoft Edge: In the browser, tap More > Settings > Advanced settings > Privacy and services > Cookies and choose the desired option. 
  • Mozilla Firefox: With Firefox open, click on Menu > Preferences > Privacy & Security > History > Use Custom Settings for History and customize the cookie settings according to your preferences. 
  • Mozilla Firefox Mobile: With Firefox open, press the Menu button > Settings > Privacy > Cookies and customize the cookie settings according to your preferences. 
  • Opera: With Opera open, press Settings > Options > Advanced > Privacy and security > Content settings > Cookies and customize the cookie settings according to your preferences.

Your cookie confirmation will not last forever. We will send an email from time to time to confirm these policies again, and to verify if your interest in our services remains the same. 

These browsers are subject to updates or modifications, so if the above information or links are outdated, or if your browser is not on this list (Konqueror, Arora, Flock, etc.) or you do not find a way to manage cookies, you should consult the corresponding official website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the following email address: [email protected]

In case you have any inconvenience, do not hesitate to contact the competent authorities in your country.