Comply with international standards and obtain concrete results of improvement in your organization.

Audit service and adjustments of organizations to current regulations in tax , criminal, commercial, labor, health, personal data protection and cybersecurity matters.


We design simple and integral solutions of high regulatory complexity oriented to the development of practical and simple ethical schemes in the organization.

Our approach is aimed at establishing concrete results, as well as improvements in the ethical climate and work environment, improvement in the effectiveness of the organization and reduction in the tendency to fraud. 

We highlight in our services:

  • Survey and diagnosis of the existing ethical framework.
  • Background interviews and interrogations.
  • Development of Code of Conduct / Ethics.
  • Training courses on conduct and behavior, transparency, and organizational integrity.
  • Design of Action Plan for the implementation of ethics programs.
  • Design of awareness campaign and internal climate reviews.

Initial Tool Kit -First Aid in Compliance

We have a set of tools and services to carry out the compliance onboarding process for all types of organizations to properly comply with all Latin American regulations.



Integrity Program


Check and development of Code of Ethics


Drafting of internal policies in all necessary areas.

disenioDesign and dissemination of communication material of the Integrity Program.

Employee training programs

plataformaInternal document and program management platform.





Compliance tools

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ISO 27001 Certification


Information Security Management System throughout the process of receiving, communicating and managing complaints.




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